Transcend, Integrate, Evolve


Breathe, Rock, & Squat

Breath initiates life and informs the fundamentals of movement. Early-stage development skills tune you into your body's natural reflexes. Re-connect with your true, functional core as the source of your life's evolution. Explore the most fundamental anatomical positions for the human body, strengthening your three-dimensional core, and increasing range of motion in your joints.


Reach, Crawl, & Migrate

Body awareness drives the kind of brain development we lose in our increasingly linear world. Contralateral movement shows us how an activity as basic and directed as walking actually depends upon non-linear movement to propel us forward. Re-establish the fundamentals of balance, strength, and healing as you stabilize, mobilize, and coordinate your limbs across the planes of your body.


Sense, Explore, & Re-wild Yourself!

Each of us is formed by our relationship to space. Through space we establish the boundaries of ourselves. These boundaries aren't real. They’re imagined. We can never really know what’s beyond. Our task is to tease the edges and break free of our self-made cage to fresh territories and new possibilities. Revive your instincts. Remember how to lighten your body and heighten your senses.


Compression, Expansion, & Rebound

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The laws of physics apply to all of life, including your body. Experience the give and take that propels you through complementary motions like push and pull, expand and contract, squat and stand… and discover how to transfer energy from one action to the next so that you can move with ease.


Nothing in nature is dead-set. Everything living is ready for refinement. Experience the plasticity of your tissues as a celebration of your advanced human form with this full-spectrum movement practice that breaks through every plane of possibility.