Allow yourself to be. You can sit or lay down. Once you've found a comfortable position, let go of any labels or expectations for how you feel in this moment. Fully land and clear the space so that you can begin with a blank canvas. Let anything fall away that you've claimed about yourself today.

Begin to feel the breath in its natural flow. Observe the space you're in, what you're sitting or lying on, the temperature, the sounds, the feeling of you in present time. And allow your body to be held up by earth, anchored by gravity and sky, gently hugged by wind, warmed by fire. Let it be awake and fluid like water. Feel the elements of nature around you. And for this meditation, we will navigate the elements within.

We begin with the element of space: akasha. The element of spirit, of mystery, of all that is nameless, and yet all that is felt. Of space, your body is vast. Feel into your body, from your head to your toes, its vastness: the space between your fingers, the space between your toes, the space between your legs and your arms, underneath your knees, your back, your neck. Any place you have arcs or angles where space can travel through, above you, below you, and all around you.

Our body is made mostly of space. Each cell, space. Between our bones, between the folds of our muscles, between the flow of liquid and water and tissue, is space.  So scan your body and sense that you are not so closed in, but that you are quite open and vast. And as you do this, allow for any holding or tension or grabbing to release with the ease of this quality: akasha.

Call in the element pritivi, earth. Calling in Great Mother, remember that you are not only of this planet, anchored and embodied, but that you are made of earth, the same quality as stone and stardust and crystal; that you are dense and alive and moist; that your body is fertile like the earth and the soil. Sense the robustness and fertility and aliveness within your tissues, within the beat of your heart, within the folds of your skin, sense your organs, your fingernails, toenails, your bones. Recall that you are a body, not just in a body; that you are also more than a body. You are embodied. The quality of earth is a container. It holds; it nourishes; it hugs. We feel this quality of wisdom and of unbelievable support. May it hold you as your body holds your organs, as your muscles hold your bones, as your skin holds your muscles. Everything is wrapped and folded into a great embrace.

Call in the element of water: ap. The element of intelligence and fluidity. Feel within your body this gentle, fluid rocking; sense that there is a liquidness within you: your eyes hold tears, your mouth has saliva, your body has sweat. There is water and lymph and blood. Between everything in and around your body there is a sliding, a liquid, a direction, just as water directs its way down a river to the great ocean. So we call upon the element of water in any places in your body where you feel stuck. You call in this element and remember that when water encounters a boulder in the middle of the river, it does not stop but smoothes out the rough edges and carves another pathway; it directs another way around or underneath. It does not get stuck. So calling in this element, scan your body for any of those metaphorical boulders or places and ways in which we feel stuck. May the water clear it. Direct your mind and breath back to this quality of water that can transform into ice and rain and snow and steam. May we be able to transform and to transcend the ways in which we think we are. Let water remind us that we are not one way.

Calling in the element agni, the element of fire. Feel within your body this heat: the power of your mind, the power of your heart, the power of your emotions, the power of your dreams, the power of your memories. We call in this element of fire to ignite the path and lead the way. So let fire rise up in your center and toss into this fire anything you do not want to hold. Fire has transformative qualities. Any thoughts, any ideas, any words that you don't want to hold any more, let them go into the fire and be transformed into the soil, down the river, out and away from your body. And let the fire be contained so as to light the way and direct your life. And know that when you feel cold or when you feel pulled away or stuck, you can call in fire. Sweat, run, play, dance. This element is so powerful in its ability to bring our passions and our dreams forward into fruition.

Call in the element of wind: vayu. Breath. Prana. This is the quality we see in someone that makes them alive; it is the very difference between seeing someone alive or witnessing someone in death. This is wind. The wind moving through, breathing life into you, everyday, every moment. May we honor this life, this precious gift, of being fully alive. We call in wind to clear and renew our intentions, to restore and to open our spirit, to open our eyes, to open our hearts, to open the pores of our skin to be better listeners; to feel and to reach out and to let things in. For winds change and they blow and they direct and they clear. We call to wind to remind us not to get stuck but to feel the freedom of the breeze on our skin, the breath and the life within. May it not be taken for granted. Feel and sense and scan your body for all of its aliveness. And let anything drop away, move with the breath. Clear away the stories in which we think we're not perfect or the ways in which we would change this precious body. May that fall away and let the wind remind us that every inch, every fiber, every cell, is precious.

May we remember that we are held by the element of space, akasha, and that we are held by something greater than what we can even comprehend or explain. May we remember again and again, everyday, to take the time to feel this one, precious, embodiment.

Scanning your body, come back into your breath and present time. To come out of your meditation, wiggle your fingers and your toes, roll out your ankles and your wrists. And take your time. When you come out of your meditation, once you sit up and feel landed, perhaps take some time to write in your journal, to reflect, on your elemental embodiment.