Our Certified Primal Vinyasa® Teachers are committed to sharing Primal Vinyasa's skills and drills as an accessible tool for everybody. Experience the natural, authentic wisdom of your body from a diverse range of empowering, curious and compassionate leaders from around the world. 


Todd Vogt

Todd is co-owner of Yoga Union Community Wellness Center. He is a certified Anusara Inspired teacher who also holds certifications in Vinyasa Yoga and expertise in Restorative yoga.

Todd’s yoga practice was born from his quest for relief from chronic low back pain. Shortly after, he moved to Portland to drum in a rock band and was immediately delivered to the Yoga Union. Among the community he met his first real yoga teacher, Annie Adamson. Years later the two lovers were offered ownership of the very place where they met, Yoga Union, and together they took a leap of faith, becoming Yoga Union studio owners.


Todd is forever grateful for his mentorship with Sianna Sherman, whom he studied extensively with including immersions, teacher trainings 1, 2, and 3, and countless classes, workshops, and therapeutics sessions. Todd largely attributes his poetic styling and playful use of heart-language to Sianna’s artistic guidance.

As a yoga teacher and leader, Todd’s ambitions stem from his love for nature and movement, as well as his commitment to facilitating connection in community.


Kelly Nie, E-RYT 500hr YACEP

Hi I am Kelly Nie,  I have my Primal Vinaysa Certification and work as a Women"s and Integration Coach. I am passionate about what I do and love being able to support everyone on their own personal healing path. My intention as a practitioner is to help you remember the tools you have innately within your Self and teach you some I've learned along the way.

I believe that transformation, freedom and movement go hand in hand. Primal Vinyasa has brought forth a deeper connection to my Self in my body like no other movement style before. It is playful and curious in nature and fuses functional movement and yoga together in a very approachable way. Moving every day without pain is my new normal and it is because of this I have a deep bond to the practice and enjoy offering it to others. 

I believe healing is multi-dimensional and that is where I integrate in personal transformational coaching into the space. As we re-learn to move we also come face-to-face with our limiting thought patterns. As our thoughts create our emotion - and we action from our emotion - it is important to see the whole picture so we can re-train our brain along with moving our body! 

Pixie Lighthorse

Pixie Lighthorse is a Primal Vinyasa certified teacher and lifelong devotee. In her forties, she realized that her body was getting left behind as she primarily pursued matters of thought and theory. Primal Vinyasa is the missing link, allowing her to balance and integrate the lessons she receives about the human spiritual condition. The principles of PV complement and strengthen her experience of being on earth while she supports others. Primal Vinyasa makes it possible for Pixie to imagine healing the healers and mothering the mothers for years to come.

Cherie Carr writes as Pixie Lighthorse to honor her indigenous ancestors of the Long Walk. As an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, she is the author of the Prayers of Honoring Series, Boundaries & Protection, andGoldmining the Shadows.


Lighthorse received her training in transformational shamanism between 2003-2012. She was born in California amidst farms, ranches, animals, and wildlife and holds a degree in fine art and literature. Feminine and earth-centered sensibilities are the cornerstone of her work.

Kate Baldwin

Kate loves working with students of all ages and varying skill levels. Upon completion of Yoga Union’s 200hr teacher training program in 2011, she found her niche working with older beginners, Seniors, and students who desire a simple, easy-on-the-joints style of yoga. Kate utilizes many movements and skills she's acquired through the Primal Vinyasa teacher training at Yoga Union when she teaches weekly chair based yoga classes for students who benefit from the support of a chair, gentle vinyasa classes for those want to improve coordination and balance, and all levels vinyasa.

Incorporating her past experience as a dance teacher, Kate's yoga instructions are clear and easy to understand. Breath-based fluid movements are the hub of her personal yoga practice, and as a licensed massage therapist she draws upon a functional understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, safely adapting yoga postures for all ages and skill levels.


Shaunna Sutcliffe

Breathe in and love every moment of life. That is my mantra. Yoga has helped me realize how to do this, and how to overcome stress and pain, which can stand in the way of letting go, breathing and being in the moment. As a chronic disease survivor, I need to do movement and self massage almost daily to overcome tension pain and fatigue. This saves me, I truly don’t know what kind of person I would be, or how many medications I would be on! I have several students with disease, injuries and other disorders, whom have improved their daily pain levels, posture and improved healing times from injuries. I also have students who just want to lose weight or increase strength.

In 2012 I received my 200 hour Certification with Heartsong Yoga In Beaverton. In 2015 I received my 500 hour Holistic Yoga Therapeutics with Annie Adamson at Yoga Union in Portland, Oregon. Then my Primal Vinyasa Certification in 2017 from Annie as well. I also have training in Vinyasa yoga, Yoga for Seniors and I hold a certification of completion in Aerial Yoga, and The Roll Model Method (self massage training with Jill Miller).

Stability and strength are more important now, than ever as our culture has designed a life of ease, more sitting and less physical work. People have more injuries and pain from repetitive movement patterns and lack of movement than we should; and learning healthy every day movement patterns can prevent and heal these injuries.

I like to think of myself as a guide or third party to your healing, I can see things you can't because you are in your body all the time, and because I have training to see asymmetries and subtle clues. Bringing awareness, into our every day movements and postures can help us come into wholeness, live more fully, and be more present and joyful.

Everyday is a gift and a lesson, while I’m still learning my lessons daily with chronic disease management, diet and environment, my work with students and clients has given me new light. When someone uncovers a secret to their healing and realizes its easier than they thought, I learn too! The light continues to shine on this path guiding me toward helping. I hope in some way I have already helped you or can help you soon.

Allison Duckworth

Allison Duckworth, is a teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda based out of Portland, Oregon. She applies the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda to promote health and healing in modern-day lives. For Allison, Primal Vinyasa offers a unique opportunity for self-exploration and play. She believes these are critical pieces in order to remember our wholeness and live a healthy life. In her classes you will experience invigorating and nourishing flows catered to all levels.


Allison’s offerings align our actions to attune with and embody our higher self. Her intention is carried out through a diverse array of teachings, trainings, cleanse groups and retreats. She has led nine 200 hour yoga teacher training programs and three 300 hour programs. As a wellness advocate she facilitates biannual Ayurvedic cleanse groups. She has led local and international retreats. Allison offers public classes and individual sessions in person and remotely.

Abbie Barash 

Abbie is a recent Primal Vinyasa Certified guide, enthusiast and integrator! She began practicing yoga in a gym setting in 2011 after experiencing deep depression from an accident resulting in a broken ankle, and subsequent surgeries. After several years of “drinking the yoga kool-aid” and quite literally re-learning how to move, walk, and run again, Abbie eventually received her 200-hour certification in Traditional Vinyasa Yoga in southern California in 2015.

During her time in training, Abbie studied as an interfaith seminarian and continually ran into connections between all of her passions; namely yoga, snowboarding, and spiritual care. She became convinced that movement, nature, and spirituality were intertwined. Without diverse and nutritious movement, her snowboarding practice and teaching were prone to injury. Without mindfulness and “care-full” listening to her students, yoga classes became self-centered and disjointed.

Abbie integrates playful, off-the-mat, and Primal-inspired movement into her Vinyasa and Hot Vinyasa classes. The Primal Vinyasa training has flipped her assumptions and repetitive teaching habits absolutely upside down… and for the better! You will find your own independence, creativity, and empowerment in her classes. Abbie invites you to play and move, and to truly make it YOUR yoga practice!

Yvette Lalonde

Yvette Lalonde is a body-centred counsellor in Vancouver, BC who works from a holistic perspective. She integrates a biopsychosocial lens and holds a deep understanding of the impact that complex and developmental trauma has on the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. She is trained in several movement practices including Primal Vinyasa and Movement for Trauma.

Yvette incorporates movement into her counselling practice as a way of helping clients regulate their nervous systems and awaken to their innate strengths: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She supports her clients and group participants in teaching the science of connection through relational movement practices and how their unique neurobiologies show up in relationships.

Gail Lordi, LMT, RYT

Yoga has inspired and nourished Gail in so many ways and on
many levels throughout her career as a dedicated student and
teacher. Her seasoned experience as a massage therapist
channels through her as a supportive energy in her yoga classes.
She offers practical guidance of body mechanics and pranayama.
She strives for creating balance of the body and mind with a true
respect for diversity. Gail gracefully integrates therapeutic
methods into her yoga classes.

Her studies began decades ago at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and
Health in Massachusetts. Her most recent 200 RYT Yoga Teacher
Training is through a comprehensive training she completed at
the Aura Wellness Center, also in Massachusetts. Gail focused her
studies on Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa Yoga extensively for years.
She studied and practiced regularly at Infinite Yoga in Fairbanks,
Alaska where she advanced her studies taking many Continuing
Ed trainings. She dove deeper into her practice attending
workshops on Ayurveda Yoga, advanced Thai Yoga & Massage.
She also studied Children's Yoga and taught youngsters in Alaska.

She took more continuing education classes while here in the
beautiful Northwest. Gail is a certified Primal Vinyasa Teacher
after training at Yoga Union with Annie Adamson. She recently
completed a CE workshop on Therapeutic Back Care with Bernie
Clark. She is currently enrolled and undertaking an intensive 300
level Yoga teacher training with Noah Maze and his team to
obtain her 500 level RYT certificate. She has a great appreciation
for all of her inspirational mentors.
Gail enjoys outdoor activities in all seasons and acknowledges
true healing in nature. Gardening, singing, reading, playing music,
dancing and spending time with loved ones are all ways she fuels
and shares her thriving spirit. She feels fortunate to be a part of a
wonderful community & looks forward to meeting you in class.


Radomi Goodlife

Radomi is owner of Goodlife Yoga Center in Jonesville, MI. Her yoga journey began nearly 20 years ago and has inspired and shaped her life ever since. Radomi experienced first hand the life changing benefits of dedicated yoga practice and as been honored to work as a full time teacher and guide to others on this journey since 2010.  She offers group classes, private coaching, workshops, and retreats. Forever a student she has completed 500 hours of training in tantric hatha yoga and many other trainings along the way, Primal Vinyasa certification being the most recent. Radomi finds great joy in the community that comes from owning a small town yoga studio. It is her belief that movement is life, and that through the simple act of coming together to move we create and reclaim connection; to ourselves, to others, and to source. Through this simple act we create magic.


Nissa Howard

Hi, I'm Nissa. I'm a free-range medicine woman, redneck mystic, trickster oracle, and healer/guide for the places and spaces I offer.

I'm big on imperfections and wounded-ness and broken-ness...because they are a part of wholeness. I believe there is medicine and poison in everything, so don't get too attached to your perspective. I stand for ending all stories in medicine.

I'm big on sacred sass and ugly truths. I am big on work ethic and owning your shit. I believe that the only constant in Life is change...therefore, nothing is for sure. I believe the hardest thing to do sometimes is to soften and recieve...and it's fucking worth it. I have learned pain won't kill me, but not turning that pain into power will kill my soul.

I believe I am my own container of sacred space...and so are you. Each one of us is a universe of great mystery walking around in a human animal...so, yeah...it's gonna get messy. Let's shake it off and do better.


Kari Johnson,  E-RYT 200, RYT 500, HYT ™, YACEP

Kari grew up in a multicultural life as part of a non-traditional, ocean sailing family. From a young age she was immersed in the different ways that people around the world moved and lived in their natural environment. 


This interest has taken many paths, but the favorite and never-ending love affair has been yoga! She loves the transformational qualities that yoga offers and its ability to meet us where we are. Her classes are sequenced in a balanced way that naturally moves your body into a deeper place by the end of the session. She teaches all levels and ages, so each class is unique.


Kari trained 300 hours in Anusara Yoga with Jonas Westring and also holds two 500-hour teaching certificates, one in Holistic Yoga Therapy ™ with Annie Adamson. Her certifications include Primal Vinyasa ™  primalvinyasayoga.com  Restorative Yoga and Senior Yoga from Duke University’s Integrated School. She is a practicing Holistic Yoga Therapist ™, and is grateful to all of her teachers and students for guiding her into the depths that yoga has to offer.


One of her true loves is to bring yoga to people who cannot get to a class, and has taught in a variety of settings from hospitals to addiction centers. She works to keep a beginner’s mind and has a never-ending curiosity for all the paths that yoga takes her on. A path she currently  is creating a yoga festival in Sitka, Alaska with a quest for bringing new teachers and education to her island. wildalaskayoga.com   She teaches a scheduled class and offers pop up classes at yogaunionsitka.org, a longtime cooperative studio in Sitka, Alaska.


Rachel Stern

Rachel Stern began studying yoga at age 2, took a 20ish year break, and rediscovered the joys of a consistent yoga practice over the past 18 years.  She received her 200-hour teacher certification in Interdisciplinary Yoga from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and completed a year long teaching apprenticeship at Amrita, in Portland, Oregon.  She has been teaching both public and private classes for 14 years, and is thrilled to now be able to include Primal Vinyasa’s strength, function, and playfulness, into her unique yoga offerings for individuals and groups.  

After 22 years of experience teaching dance, language, and yoga to children of all ages, Rachel combined her love of yoga, children’s literature, and storytelling to create Storytime Yoga for kids and their parents, which she teaches monthly at The Peoples Yoga.   

In 2018, Rachel founded the Portland Jewish Yoga Collective in order to create an embodied spiritual offering for people of all affiliations, and a place for the community to gather.  She also teaches Jewish themed yoga for Orthodox women, and for children of all ages.  In both secular and religious settings, she supports students in developing their own personal practice.

Yoga practice deepens the intimacy of my relationship with life, source, and community.  We can use it to enhance any experience or learning opportunity, to move through life with more presence and connection.  To fall more in love with ourselves.


I turned to a yoga practice when I realized that I was holding all my fear as tension in my body.  I fall in love with yoga more every day as it grounds me, keeps my heart open, and allows me to hold space for myself in this busy world.  I love to hold the space for students to dig deeper into their own self discovery.  I believe that when people are deeply rooted to the foundations of their own bodies, and connected to their source energy, they can be free in their hearts to manifest anything they truly desire.  My classes are tailored to the needs of the students each time we come to the mat together, and are designed to support the energy of the group through curious experimentation, playful strength building, deep breathing, deep stretching, and joyous fun.

IMG_1398 - Andrea Lawrence.jpeg

Annie Lawrence

Annie is an experienced yoga and movement instructor, as well as a botanist and science educator. She is passionate about infusing her daily life with movement, and shaping the environment around her to encourage play and vitality. Annie has been fortunate to be able to work outdoors, and has learned to move through natural environments with ease, grace, and efficiency. For fun, she loves to hike, camp, and travel with her family and friends. Her mission is to help students be confident and capable as they move throughout their lives and explore the natural world.


Annie began practicing yoga in college as a complement to ballet and modern dance, and developed a home practice when she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia. She is from Portland, Oregon, where completed her teacher trainings (200 hour Alignment Based Vinyasa, Primal Vinyasa, and Next Generation Yoga for Kids) at the Yoga Union Community Wellness Center. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @annielawrenceyoga.


Amanda Blain

I am a yogic psychology specialist and movement teacher specializing in trauma-informed therapeutic approaches through the National Institute for the Clinical Application for Behavioral Medicine. My mission is to help individuals explore their inner resilience and life purpose by building connections within their psyche, body, and soul. 

I am certified in Primal Vinyasa™ and Tantric Hatha, with nearly a decade of private studies and mentorships with body-centered psychotherapists and clinical mind-body science pioneers. Among those mentors are psycho-neuro immunologist Neil Orr and social development expert David Patient, who co-authored the book, The Healer Inside You: Using PNI, a Mind-body Science, to Help Heal Your Body. 

As someone who has personally experienced the turbulent road of trauma recovery, I am here to support your journey of alchemizing pain into heart-centered power and life purpose. I currently offer support through online psyche training, movement classes, and an e-magazine on my platform, Psyche Body Soul.

IMG_3504 - Alice McGuigan.JPG

Alice McGuigan

Alice was first introduced to Yoga as a way to decompress from the fast-paced nature of studying in London. She soon recognised how the practice was an opportunity to re-connect entirely, counter daily habit patterns and open up to new perspectives. Fascinated by this process, she has explored many different forms of Yoga since she was 18, and has been teaching Yoga since 2015. She holds classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad.


Climbing trees since she could walk, Alice has always been active, up for an adventure and deeply appreciative of nature; this is also what initially sparked her curiosity with Primal Vinyasa. As a certified teacher, she enjoys weaving these layers of evolutionary & functional movement development into her classes. She loves the self-inquiry that Yoga offers and shares the practice as a foundation to support others in their own journeys; to reconnect, find steadiness and thrive.


In 2019, Alice founded the Earth Living Festival, which bought together holistic practices, creativity and sustainability. Her academic background in English and Drama has led her into project managing events with non-profit organization, Outrider Anthems, and writing content/blogs/short biographies.

Victoria Koopman Headshot 2 - Victoria K

Victoria Koopman

Victoria Koopman is a Primal Vinyasa Certified Instructor and yoga teacher out of Portland, Oregon. Victoria intertwines the healing modalities of traditional yoga with Primal Vinyasa to lead healing within her community of students at Yoga Union.


As a new instructor, Victoria approaches yoga with excitement and vigor. She is inspired deeply by the teachings and wisdom found within the yoga community, ancient yogic texts, as well as anatomy and functional movement, driving her to continually study deeply to further her knowledge regularly. Victoria hopes to teach students new skills to use while on their mats and outside the yoga studio. Victoria believes in an inner wisdom inherent in our physical bodies and aims to bring this innate wisdom back to life.


Jessica LaFalce PTA, RYT, Certified BodyRoller, Certified Primal Vinyasa

Jessica LaFalce is a Physical Therapist Assistant in Sarasota, FL with over a decade of experience as well as continuing education in myofascial release. After training in MFR and experiencing first hand an emotional release when working on her own chronic hip pain; Jessica realized there was a missing link in the traditional treatment of her patients, and the integration of a body, mind and heart centered approach was crucial for long term health and recovery.


To augment this gap, she received her 500 hr RYT and a certification in Body Rolling from Healsci yoga school where there was a strong emphasis on anatomy, alignment and the intricate web of the myofascial system. "Prior to Primal Vinaysa, my approach to treating my patients and teaching my students was one of compassion but with a lens of needing to find what's wrong and fix it. Completing this training has come with it a responsibility: to remind myself, my patients and students that they are already whole, and to integrate that wholeness with intuitive movement for a home coming to their bodies and a remembering of their innate ability to self regulate and heal." 


It has been my vision and passion to fully integrate yoga with PT and PT with yoga and with my Primal Vinyasa certification, I finally have the tools to bridge the gap between the two; uniting East and West, and harmonizing modern healthcare. " Jessica currently offers Primal Vinyasa inspired public classes and private sessions as well as CEUs and workshops.

For her most recent offerings follow her on FB: jessicalafalceyoga and on Instagram @jessica_lafalce

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Carol Vallat

Carol Vallat is a Pilates Yoga teacher, an adaptive bodywork facilitator and foot reflexologist in Switzerland. Who considers the body has a network of neuro myofascial connections and host people to connect and clean those meridians through movement and massage. Carol is proud of being the first certified teacher Primal Vinyasa in Switzerland. She invites you to share enjoyable movement that stimulate your senses, your brain. To build a strength body conscious of what is not necessary to hold. A free and resilient body.

IMG_6861 - Hilde Kaiser.JPG

Hilde Kaiser

Hilde Kaiser lives in Evanston, IL and teaches movement classes and leads women's circles in the Chicago area. A true Gemini, she is fascinated by the infinite possibilities for creating and offering classes that feed the mind as well as the body. She has been teaching Nia, a holistic dance movement class, since 2015 and facilitating circles in one form or another since 1999. She feels that Nia and Primal Vinyasa are very complementary, and is looking forward to how the relationship between these two movement practices unfolds in her teaching.


A recovering academic, her career path has felt meandering at times. She has been everything from a breastfeeding counselor to a writing group facilitator. She studied earth medicine with Pixie Lighthorse for several years, completing all four cycles of earth medicine school. She is a practicing poet who has learned the hard way that we have to get out of our heads and into our bodies, and so she brings poetic language into her movement classes, and body awareness into her women's circles. She is passionate about expanding her clients' creative practices as well as their body confidence. She believes that art is made with the body. She is happiest when she subverts assumptions by combining modalities in unexpected places, such as bringing a full moon dance ritual to a medical gym and a literature-based women's circle to an art studio.

IMG-5926 - Emily Taggart.jpeg

Emily Taggart

Emily is a yoga and holistic movement teacher in Sacramento, California. She offers regular yoga classes, prenatal yoga, private sessions, and women+’s circles in Northern California.


Weaving together practices from yoga, functional movement, poetry, and sound, each experience with her is created with deep intention and spirit. Emily believes yoga is a way of life, which lead her to become a Primal Vinyasa™ teacher. She has also completed Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Well Women (Womb Yoga) Therapy certification and is trained in Mama Tree Prenatal with Jane Austin. As a deeply inquisitive and curious being, Emily’s Primal Vinyasa™ practice and training helps her focus her offerings, create meaningful connections in community, and find clarity in her yoga and movement endeavors.


A forever student and dedicated teacher, Emily is here to host spaces and create experiences for you to be your whole self one breath, one moment at a time.

Amy Bratton2 - Amy Bratton.jpg

Amy Bratton

Amy took her first hot yoga class at Yoga Union in 2004, and this community has been an anchor for her ever since. She completed her first 200 hour teacher training with Annie Adamson in 2007 and extends much gratitude to Annie for her heartfelt teachings and continued guidance on the path. Amy also completed over 300 hours of teacher training with Shiva Rea and is a certified Prana Flow instructor.


Over the past few years, Amy has fallen in love with yoga all over again, this time through Primal Vinyasa. She completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Primal Vinyasa trainings, and after taking a sabbatical from teaching yoga, Amy is back as a certified Primal Vinyasa teacher. Amy relishes the playfulness and diverse movement that Primal Vinyasa offers.


In her life off the mat, Amy is a professor of Communication Studies at Clark College. Amy has a Master’s Degree in Communication and enjoys helping people find their voice. When not teaching, Amy can be found playing with her son and husband or curled up reading a book with her beloved dog Lulu.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.41.27 PM -

Erin Seamons

Erin has been teaching yoga for over 11 years across the state of Utah. She loves yoga for what it allows her to do off of her mat: to live life fully! She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves traveling in her camper van, mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, skiing and anything else that gets her outside with her husband, daughter and two puppies.


She has studied and taught Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and most recently, Primal Vinyasa. Her classes are a reflection of what she enjoys most about yoga: exploring our own experiences through breathe, movement and curiosity.

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.41.27 PM -

Erin Seamons

Erin has been teaching yoga for over 11 years across the state of Utah. She loves yoga for what it allows her to do off her mat: to fully live life! She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves traveling in her camper van, mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, skiing and anything else that gets her outside with her husband, daughter and two puppies.


She has studied and taught Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and most recently, Primal Vinyasa. Her classes are a reflection of what she enjoys most about yoga: exploring our own experiences through breathe, movement and curiosity.

Dina Crosta

Dina Crosta’s affair with yoga began in 2001 and from the very first yoga class, she experienced the challenge and freedom that comes from study and practice. As a result, she’s seen her life change and grow in many unexpected  ways. Since 2005 she has had the honor and privilege to explore and share her love of yoga as a full-time teacher and mentor.

Dina’s style of teaching is straight-forward and engaging, flowing and instructive. Students often express that they value her depth of knowledge, compassion, transparency, and desire to keep learning and teaching. Personal life experiences, yoga philosophy , observations of the natural world and Ayurveda weave their ways through her classes.


Ultimately, Dina’s hope is to inspire students to recognize and embrace yoga as a moment-to-moment, life-long practice of embodied living. Her bison is that through the embodied teachings of yoga, she can encourage students to enjoy living in deep connection to their own bodies, minds and hearts.

Gloria Final 001.jpg

Gloria Schwabe

Gloria Schwabe is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Life Coach based in Alberta, Canada. Gloria first came to yoga as a curious teenager and found her way back to the practice as a form of exercise after her first daughter was born in 2012. After several years of personal practice Gloria realized there was much more to be gained off the mat from the practice of yoga than just the physical health benefits.


Since then, Gloria has sought out and trained with some of the best yoga and mindfulness teachers and professionals in North America. She’s built a unique offering of inclusive movement and health workshops, courses and classes as well as a private practice.


Primal Vinyasa is a cornerstone of Gloria’s work. She believes that healthy movement is one of the keys to unlocking a healthy relationship with yourself for a life well lived. Gloria hopes to one day be able to share and mentor other teachers in the space to evolve the yoga and fitness world to a place of non judgement and inclusivity.

Morgan Pace Bolton

Morgan Pace Bolton is a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher in Portland, Oregon. She teaches at Yoga Union CWC, runs an after school yoga club, facilitates summer camps, family retreats, and teaches on-line. Her greatest joy comes from connecting with kids, allowing them to feel seen and heard, all the while teaching them healthy movement and mindset. For Morgan, the fun functional movement of Primal Vinyasa combined with self inquiry and imagination make the perfect combination for offering kids classes that make a lasting healthy impression.


Morgan's greatest life teachers are her two children, ages 5 and 8. She holds certifications in Primal Vinyasa, a 200hr YTT, a BA in Psychology, and is a constant student on the path to freedom. Whether she is teaching preschoolers, elementary aged kids, or 7th graders, Morgan aims to connect kids to their innate breath, awareness, and gratitude for life.

Christy Lin

Christy Lin is a 500 RYT Vinyasa, and Primal Vinyasa™ certified teacher who also holds a certification in meditation. She moved to the United States from Taiwan to St.Louis, Missouri in 2008 and founded Yoga in DeMun, a yoga / meditation studio in 2014. Her intention as a teacher is to invite her students to develop a sense of wholeness within themselves!


After three years of teaching yoga, she realized she needs more tools to bring safety and harmony for her students, and Primal Vinyasa is the missing link that she is looking for to connect the lands in between holistic healing and fitness in modern yoga practice. This well-structured, in-depth system helps her develop a deeper knowledge as an instructor, and a student. Teaching Primal Vinyasa class gives Christy great sense of joy as she can truly support her students to experience freedom, strength, and kindness through their own practice, where everyone starts their first move with compassion no matter what physical history and emotional needs, so that each person can truly embrace their journey to heal as they build physical strength and mental clarity on the path. She guides you to embrace the wholeness of every layer of your being, from movement to stillness.


Christy supports her students in group and one-one-one settings; she also helps schools, organizations and businesses develop wellbeing programs that evoke connection and humanity.

Jess Frank they/them and she/her 

Jess Frank (she/her and they/them pronouns) is the program director for Yoga Behind Bars in Seattle, WA. She has trained over 500 community members and yoga teachers in trauma-sensitive yoga and social justice. Jess is passionate about expressive and playful movement, generative conflict and transformational justice. Her teaching includes Primal Vinyasa, Trauma-Informed Movement, and Yoga Nidra.


Jess's offerings are shaped by thousands of hours of teaching adults and youth in incarceration settings, seeking and listening to student feedback, and experimenting in many trauma-healing forms for their own life. They infuse their classes with imagery and somatic-inquiry and love when students laugh, ask "why" questions, fall asleep, and fart in class.   Rather than use our bodies to get into shapes, may we use shapes to get into our bodies. 

Hélène AuYeung

Hélène discovered yoga as a high school student in her homeland of Switzerland as a physical modality. Soon after moving to Connecticut from London, England Hélène began to discover what her yoga practice truly meant to her. The deepening of her personal practice combined with the physical and spiritual transformation fascinated and inspired her to attend a 200 YTT and switch career paths to become a teacher.


Primal Vinyasa™ has empowered Hélène to find a new connection to her body; to move in ways that she did not think she could; to integrate functional movement into her daily life to heal from chronic lower back pain, and rediscover playfulness that she had not experienced since she was a child. Becoming a certified Primal Vinyasa™ teacher has allowed Hélène to teach in a way that is truly inquisitive, to put her students at the center, and to make yoga available to every body.